Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello from Lev

Hi Marshall, 

This is your cousin Lev. I asked my mom to send this message to you for me. 

Hey man, I can't wait to see you. Your name sounds really nice. My parents found that one of the meanings of your name is a "Leader". I don't know what that means, but it sounds really cool.  My mommy and daddy tell me that you are growing and soon will be able to play with me. Maybe you can teach me how to email, because I am 9 months old and still don't know how to do that. How embarrassing is that? And maybe I can teach you to do cool things with your mouth like make funny noises and spit allover, it's really fun. I know adults don't really like it a lot, but they laugh every time. Or I can teach you to say "mama". This is a spacial work that brings special feelings to everyone. It makes me happy too. 

Well, I thought that I would give you an update on what is going on here, while you and your family are in the hospital. 

There is a special spirit of love and tenderness in our grammy's and grandpa Paul's house these days. Everyone says your name and the names of your parents a lot when they speak and pray. Even though I am still little and don't know a lot of things, I feel the strong bond in our family, their love and care for you and you daddy and your mommy. It's really nice to be a part of the Stout family, you and I are lucky. 

Last night grandpa Paul was making a special ornament for their Christmas tree. I wanted to play with it, but my mom didn't let me touch it. It's a star with some letters and numbers on it. I am pretty sure they mean your name and when you were born. Maybe when you get here to visit your grammy Teryll and grandpa Paul, we can talk them into letting us play with the toys on the tree. 

We read emails from you together with the family and sometimes my parents have tears in their eyes. I don't understand these adults, why they are crying. They could have any toy they want and they still cry. Who knows. I try to give them extra hugs and smiles. It's amazing what a smile can do. Oh, one of the things I learned was that to hug your mommy and daddy feels amazing. You gotta try it soon. I bet they want it a lot too. 

Anyways, my diaper feels kind of tight, I think I made some poop. I heard that you did too the other day. So, you know how I feel, I need to go get changed. 

I love you and hope you grow fast and can play soon. Also, I need help to keep these adults in line. I think together with you we will manage it just fine. 

Love you, 

Lev Samuel

ps. My family sends you and you parents hugs and kisses

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Dearest Marshall little,

You might be little but you have a BIG HEART, a heart that our heavenly Father gave you, a heart that is filled with everyone's love. You are a tough little guy who's gonna grow so big! So big that your mom and dad will have to carry you and hold you in their hands together all the time...Thanks to your dad, I get to see how you grow every day.

I will continue praying for you and your beautiful mom, she is an amazing woman and you are so blessed to be her boy!

With lots of love from Aunt Jenn who lives far away in Spain but think of you so closely.


Aunt Kim

Dear Marshall,
I want to let you know that even though you are only 3 days old I love you already! We have been praying & fasting for you, you're mom & daddy. It is amazing what a miracle you are! I want you to get big& strong so that one day we can meet you in person. Tell your dad he is amazing &I know he will be the best father ever! I love you all!

Your great Aunt Kim :)

Janna and Family

Oh Dear Little Marshall,

You certainly are a brave soul and you are in our thoughts constantly and in our hearts and prayers always. We also pray for your sick mama! We love your parents so much!!

Our Heavenly Father must have a special work for you here on Earth with so many Angels he has sent to attend you (including your loving parents)!

Stay strong and hang in there through this rough spot and you will be using that body to run around and wreak all sorts of havoc some day :)

We love you and look forward to meeting you soon!

Janna, Paul and Family

Great-Grandparents Stout

Dear Marshall, We are of a kind! I too am up early and I know you have your days mixed up as well. Sleep baby sleep, and conserve all of your strength. Someday you will be a big boy like your daddy.

We know that angels are round about you, helping you and comforting you. They had to gather in a hurry, as you were not expected until March, but they are there, and your earthly angels are too. They love you so much and want you to be strong.

We are praying day and night for you and your wonderful mommy, and we are glad she is in good hands and receiving the best care. Mortality is pretty bumpy, and you arrived with a bang! You might as well get used to this mortal world as it is full of surprises, but you knew that already when you were sent here.

We will get back to you later. We don't want to wear you out with talk.Better to just feel our love and prayers for now.

See you later, Christmas baby Marshall. May Christ be with you to keep you safe. He is your Savior as he is ours. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Stout

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Dear Marshall,
I am so happy you are here. As you know, you have some pretty amazing parents, and I have been amazed at the things that they have endured and the things that they have conquered. We have all been able to tackle some pretty big things because of our older brother Christ. I love your mommy an aweful lot, and am praying for her every time I think of her. You keep fighting for your family. The lord will take care of the rest. Oh I love you so much and I haven't even met you. I love you little guy. Hang in there. Love aunt Camille.