Friday, March 29, 2013

Sharon Costello

Dear Marshal,

After reading your blog and watching all the video my heart goes out to your beautiful parents and family , I thought of this song I would love to share with your parents its beautiful.

Its by Steven Curtis Chapman ( with hope )

Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel.

Sharon Costello

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kelsi Sines

Dear Marshall,

What a sweet and precious name that is. What a sweet and precious family you have. You are so very sweet and precious. You were so tough! It sounds to me like you were one awesome little guy, I wish I had seen this sooner. I would have prayed every day and every night for you. It seems like you had all the love one little guy could possibly have. You are such a miracle Marshall. You have taught me something, and that is to never give up.

I’m only 19 Marshall and I’m sitting at work bored just reading the news and you and your parents’ story popped up. I almost didn’t even want to read it because I knew it would be heartbreaking…and sure enough it was BUT in a good way. You have totally changed my outlook on life. If you can be that strong I don’t think anyone has room for excuses, ya know?

I bet your parents are so proud of you! I mean how’d you know all those big words? Must have been pretty smart :) your blog is pretty awesome. I will never forget this… or you, little guy! I bet heaven is pretty cool. From what I hear you never sleep? Bet that’s pretty cool. The coolest part is that you’re not struggling anymore. The three short months that probably seemed like a blink of an eye to you and your parents have taught SOOO many people to never stop trying and always love what you have.
You are truly a miracle but I bet you already know that!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carv Wilson


Precious little angel trailing clouds of love, 

Fallen down from up in Heaven above, 

Fighting every moment to live in this life, 

Breathing, praying, dreaming livings’ strife. 

Brought to a family united in True Love, 

Heavens Peace coos like a gentle dove, 

Sent down so briefly to prove myself to God, 

My willingness proven, I hold to the rod. 

Sealed forever as a family in His sight, 

Basking in the glory of His Heavenly light, 

Teaching the Gospel to those in the dark, 

Missionary service my distinguishing mark. 

Building my family’s mansion on Gospel sod, 

Through willing service to the Most High God.

--Carv Wilson

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Dear Marshall,

When I read your email, it's was 7:40 in the morning (European time.) I feel relieved that you are with our Heavenly Father, The best child taker anyone could ask for. The best doctor and Father. Your mom and dad will miss you dearly but yet knowing you are watching over them.

Your time with everyone was so short but you have given them (and me) a life-long memory about your incredible journey here on the earth. You have taught everyone so much about God's Grace in such a short time.

When you were saying good-bye to everyone in the hospital in Utah, my students and I were thinking of you.

Love you forever, and forever you will be loved.


Monday, March 4, 2013


Oh, precious little Marshall! I will certainly miss you and your awesome e-mails. You are such an amazing little guy, born to equally amazing parents. That's why I think you got to come to that family, because you fit them SO perfectly! I've been wondering all day how best to comfort them and then your e-mail comes and you (and they) comfort me! I love the three of you so much and, don't you worry, you will all stay in our prayers and we will help watch over your wonderful mommy and daddy while you guys are apart for awhile. I know you will be doing the same, just from a different, and beautiful, place. Thank you for your example of love and fortitude and faith. You touched countless lives for good in your short stay here with us. That's more than a lot of people can say, even after very long lives. Thank you, our little Miracle Marshall, the Stout-hearted! God be with you and your sweet parents until you can all be together again forever! All my love always, for you and your parents -

Your friend,


Mumm Family

Marshall you touched so many lives in your time here. You had us all down on our knees getting closer to our Father and Savior because of you. The Mumm kids and parents prayed for you and we will pray and do what we can for your parents. I KNOW you are close to them and that they will be re-united with them. Say hi to my mom for me. Take care and know God is watching, Loving you and your Parents.

John, Karen, and family

Shirley Ence

Welcome home Marshall. For such a tiny boy you sure brought a lot of joy and happiness to so many people. You brought a small piece of heaven to your parents and family and to their friends and loved ones. You reminded us of why we are here and what is really important in life. While we all wanted to watch you grow and learn in this life we found out that you are already farther along than the rest us and that our Heavenly Father has important things for you to do right now. We are lucky to have known someone as special as you even for so short a time.

Your parents are special like you but our Heavenly Father has important things for them to do in this life and they have so many gifts and talents which they will use to help many people return to live with Him. You will be apart from them for a little while but how great your joy will be when you are reunited in the presence of your family and with our Father and our Savior.

Kimberli Kresge and family

Little Marshall, how we love you so! We never got to meet during your time here on Earth, but we have known you before, and we will look forward to seeing you again someday! After all, we are part of a big eternal family! You have the best, most loving mommy and daddy. We thank you for sharing your miraculous life with us, we will forever be touched by you and your sweetness and pure light of Heaven. What a joy to be in Father in Heaven's presence again, but those here will miss you greatly. Tyler and Mandy, we love you and our hearts go out to you. We are thankful for the time you got to spend with your sweet Marshall. Thank you for sharing his precious life with us. We love you all dearly.

Much love,

Uncle Dave, Aunt Kim, and Family

Colleen Stout - Woody Lost His Friend

Dear Marshall,
We were so happy to receive your last encouraging letter. We too danced with joy.
We understand- that this mortal life is very hard. You gave it your best-- far more than your best, but it was too hard. It takes a lot of breaths, and way too many heart beats to survive this life, and the time came for you to sleep, and dream of a better place. Your struggles are over, and we are so proud of you and how valiantly you tried to make it here.

We could tell all along that it was the love of your wonderful and devoted parents that kept you alive. You wanted so to please them, to grow up and be their little boy. Well, they have their little boy-- forever and ever! They will still raise you. Isn't that wonderful?

Meanwhile, you are saving a special place for them, and us, and all who would be worthy to be with you.

Thank you for bringing so much joy, faith, happiness, and even some humor to our lives. We are all the better for knowing you. We have been touched by an angel, one of God's choicest sons.

We are sure Heavenly Father is so pleased with you, and he has already given you work to do to prepare all of us for the Second Coming of His Son to the earth.

Father understands. He knows you. He knows us, and he knows that we all needed to increase our faith, our love,and our commitment to Christ, and he also knows that the challenges here are very hard. He sent you to show us how to persevere in the face of those struggles.

You were, and are, a light to us, and though we saw you as a tiny babe, you are a tall, good looking, intelligent and mighty man. You are part of the Army of Helaman-- those on both sides of the veil who are fighting this last great battle for the souls of men.

You chose the very best parents, and that is no surprise to you! They will always have you close in their hearts, so now and then touch their faces with your tiny finger so that they will never forget, and they will devote their lives to being once again with you.

Happy Birthday Marshall, to your new life. You did great!!!

Love from your Stout Grandparents- with tears of sorrow and joy.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Congrats, Marshall! So happy for your victory. Stay strong and keep learning, growing and getting better - and try not to scare your parents and the rest of us any more:)


Annette and Steve

Marshall I am glad that you are doing somewhat better today. Keep up the hard work little buddy!
Sometimes it really is easy for some of us to start taking little things for granted. For instance, I easily forget how important it is to breath. Then I read about your breathing trials and the ventilator that helps you. (thank heaven for the ventilator) And I once again become grateful that my lungs work and that I don't even have to think about breathing.
And then there is the bathroom issue. . .let me just say thank you for reminding me of that blessing as well!
You see Marshall, you are a blessing to all of us! We love you and your awesome family!!!! 

 xoxox Annette and Steve

Kelly Israelsen

Sweet Marshall your quite the little man, keep pushing forward. You have such wonderful parents who love you very much., not to mention all the cousins etc. that can't wait to meet you. Your strong and there are so many prayers being said for you sweet Marshall.

Love ya Neal & Kelly

Colleen Stout

Marshall, that was way too scary!! Whew! We are praying you don't have any repeat performances. How thankful I am for every breath of air. When I read your story, it makes me aware of how our Heavenly Father provides the air we breathe, breath by breath, day by day. Like our hearts, we take them for granted, but they loyally just keep beating away. Ours skipped a few beats for you, but now they are back to normal, and we hope that you are too. BTW, you are getting mighty good looking! Oh how nice a little fat and muscle can be.

Love, Grandma

Annette and Steve

oh marshall,

we love you and we haven't even officially met you yet. more fasting and prayers are being offered in you and your families behalf. Make sure to keep your seatbelts fastened on this wild roller coaster ride. Hang in there little buddy.

 xoxox Annette and Steve