Monday, March 4, 2013

Colleen Stout - Woody Lost His Friend

Dear Marshall,
We were so happy to receive your last encouraging letter. We too danced with joy.
We understand- that this mortal life is very hard. You gave it your best-- far more than your best, but it was too hard. It takes a lot of breaths, and way too many heart beats to survive this life, and the time came for you to sleep, and dream of a better place. Your struggles are over, and we are so proud of you and how valiantly you tried to make it here.

We could tell all along that it was the love of your wonderful and devoted parents that kept you alive. You wanted so to please them, to grow up and be their little boy. Well, they have their little boy-- forever and ever! They will still raise you. Isn't that wonderful?

Meanwhile, you are saving a special place for them, and us, and all who would be worthy to be with you.

Thank you for bringing so much joy, faith, happiness, and even some humor to our lives. We are all the better for knowing you. We have been touched by an angel, one of God's choicest sons.

We are sure Heavenly Father is so pleased with you, and he has already given you work to do to prepare all of us for the Second Coming of His Son to the earth.

Father understands. He knows you. He knows us, and he knows that we all needed to increase our faith, our love,and our commitment to Christ, and he also knows that the challenges here are very hard. He sent you to show us how to persevere in the face of those struggles.

You were, and are, a light to us, and though we saw you as a tiny babe, you are a tall, good looking, intelligent and mighty man. You are part of the Army of Helaman-- those on both sides of the veil who are fighting this last great battle for the souls of men.

You chose the very best parents, and that is no surprise to you! They will always have you close in their hearts, so now and then touch their faces with your tiny finger so that they will never forget, and they will devote their lives to being once again with you.

Happy Birthday Marshall, to your new life. You did great!!!

Love from your Stout Grandparents- with tears of sorrow and joy.

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