Monday, March 4, 2013

Shirley Ence

Welcome home Marshall. For such a tiny boy you sure brought a lot of joy and happiness to so many people. You brought a small piece of heaven to your parents and family and to their friends and loved ones. You reminded us of why we are here and what is really important in life. While we all wanted to watch you grow and learn in this life we found out that you are already farther along than the rest us and that our Heavenly Father has important things for you to do right now. We are lucky to have known someone as special as you even for so short a time.

Your parents are special like you but our Heavenly Father has important things for them to do in this life and they have so many gifts and talents which they will use to help many people return to live with Him. You will be apart from them for a little while but how great your joy will be when you are reunited in the presence of your family and with our Father and our Savior.

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