Monday, March 4, 2013


Oh, precious little Marshall! I will certainly miss you and your awesome e-mails. You are such an amazing little guy, born to equally amazing parents. That's why I think you got to come to that family, because you fit them SO perfectly! I've been wondering all day how best to comfort them and then your e-mail comes and you (and they) comfort me! I love the three of you so much and, don't you worry, you will all stay in our prayers and we will help watch over your wonderful mommy and daddy while you guys are apart for awhile. I know you will be doing the same, just from a different, and beautiful, place. Thank you for your example of love and fortitude and faith. You touched countless lives for good in your short stay here with us. That's more than a lot of people can say, even after very long lives. Thank you, our little Miracle Marshall, the Stout-hearted! God be with you and your sweet parents until you can all be together again forever! All my love always, for you and your parents -

Your friend,


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