Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kelsi Sines

Dear Marshall,

What a sweet and precious name that is. What a sweet and precious family you have. You are so very sweet and precious. You were so tough! It sounds to me like you were one awesome little guy, I wish I had seen this sooner. I would have prayed every day and every night for you. It seems like you had all the love one little guy could possibly have. You are such a miracle Marshall. You have taught me something, and that is to never give up.

I’m only 19 Marshall and I’m sitting at work bored just reading the news and you and your parents’ story popped up. I almost didn’t even want to read it because I knew it would be heartbreaking…and sure enough it was BUT in a good way. You have totally changed my outlook on life. If you can be that strong I don’t think anyone has room for excuses, ya know?

I bet your parents are so proud of you! I mean how’d you know all those big words? Must have been pretty smart :) your blog is pretty awesome. I will never forget this… or you, little guy! I bet heaven is pretty cool. From what I hear you never sleep? Bet that’s pretty cool. The coolest part is that you’re not struggling anymore. The three short months that probably seemed like a blink of an eye to you and your parents have taught SOOO many people to never stop trying and always love what you have.
You are truly a miracle but I bet you already know that!


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